Golf King
Multiplayer Real Golf at Your Fingertips!
Realistic multiplay matches with various users all around the world!
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Golf King
The most realistic mobile golf game!
Golf King presents the most beautiful background and awesome characters in mobile games.

Enjoy golf plays with unique players on a beautiful courses
based on real-life backgrounds such as forests, deserts, and beaches.

The clubhouse that makes you feel like you're in the Mediterranean,
the forest with wild birds singing, and the islands with cool wave sounds
- all you can enjoy at your fingertips while playing

Golf King
Easy to play but, hard to master!
You don't have to learn anything to play golf king.
Simply pull and release the screen to hit awesome tee shots, to swing and to putt.

Everyone can play easily, but it needs a lot of effort to become a “Golf King”.

Become a real "Golf King" by playing real-like multiplay with a wide range of users worldwide.

Golf King
Your own collection!
There are various characters, costumes, and equipment.

You can create your own unique avatars through the endless combination of unique characters and hats, glasses, tops, bottoms, and shoes.
More than 64 kinds of golf clubs, various golf balls are bonus.

Collect cards and upgrade your equipment in order to make your own powerful gear
and become the “Golf King”

Club houses and caddy will also enrich your game.

Golf King
  • PvP Golf duel - Compete against the star golfers all around the world
  • Easy & Simple controls: Swipe and release to hit the ball, just like playing pool!
  • Play on a variety of realistic 3D golf courses
  • Collect trophies and unlock new stages
  • Open packs to obtain new powerful golf clubs and upgrade the equipment you have: Various drivers, woods, long irons, short irons, wedges, rough irons, sand wedges and putters
  • Customize your look, clubhouse and caddie
  • Get promoted in the Weekly Leagues for more card bonuses
  • Reach high rank in Coin Rush for special rewards
  • Play with your family and friends
  • Send and request gifts with friends