We require nothing but passion and new idea.
Here's what we do
  • Game Designer
    • Basic understanding & experience in game creation
    • Capable of reverse-designing a game and offering new ideas
    • Ability to accurately describe required features for an idea
    • Excellent writing skill in Korean
  • Client Programmer
    • Develop mobile game with Unity 3D Engine
    • Experience with C#, Android Studio, Xcode
  • Server Programmer
    • Develop game server & management tool
    • Library creation & maintenance
    • Knowledge of data structure and database
    • Experience with C#, MS-SQL,
  • UI Designer
    • Create UI artworks and Unity 3D based resources
    • Experience with graphic tools & ability to draw UI artworks according to concept
    • Overall understanding & knowledge of User Interface creation
  • Concept Artist
    • Develop art concept & draw
    • Create concept art for 3D modeling
  • 3D Artist
    • Create 3D low-polygon characters and environments
    • Basic understanding in 3D MAX animation
    • Structural understanding of 3D game creation process
  • Animator
    • Create key animations in various styles
    • Basic understanding in 3D MAX animation
  • Marketing Artist
    • Basic understanding in mobile game market
    • Ability to plan & execute game marketing
  • Service PM
    • Respond to client inquiries & monitor service status
    • Community management, insight analysis
    • Plan & execute service management (Management tool, service process, etc.)
    • Create and execute service strategy & service policy
    • Improve service status based on customer insight
  • Quality Assurance
    • Test in-game features to verify and enhance the quality of game
    • Verification of hardware / software requirements
    • In-depth gaming experience to analyze in-game balance and improve it
Snacks for everyone!
Save snacks in shopping cart.
They will be delivered to you every week.
Tired? Have a refreshing time
in our rest area!
The rest area features DJ MAX, EZ2DJ, consoles, books
and massaging chairs!
International workshop
and incentive
Highly performing teams will be rewarded
with international workshop and incentive.
Gangnam Office
Located on vibrant Teheran-ro.
Come and work together
in the most dynamic place of Seoul.
Pleasant smoking area for smokers
Comfortable rest area for non-smokers
Spacious terrace and wooden table
Boost your creativity in relaxation.
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