We only ask for your passion and creative ideas.
Here's what we expect
  • Game Designer
    • Basic understanding & experience in game creation
    • Capable of reverse-engineering a game and offering new insight
    • Ability to accurately articulate your ideas and how to achieve them
    • Excellent Korean writing skills
  • Client Programmer
    • Develop mobile games utilizing the Unity 3D Engine
    • Experience with C#, Android Studio, Xcode
  • Server Programmer
    • Develop game servers and management tools
    • Library creation & maintenance
    • Knowledge of data structures and databases
    • Experience with C#, MS-SQL,
  • UI Designer
    • Create UI artworks and Unity 3D based resources
    • Experience with graphical tools & ability to draw UI artwork according to specifications
    • Overall understanding & knowledge of User Interface creation
  • Concept Artist
    • Construct art concepts with relevant illustrations
    • Create concept art for 3D modeling
  • 3D Artist
    • Create 3D low-polygon characters and environments
    • Basic understanding of 3D MAX animation
    • Structural understanding of the process behind 3D game creation
  • Animator
    • Create key animations in various styles
    • Basic understanding of 3D MAX animation
  • Marketing Artist
    • Basic understanding of the mobile gaming market
    • Ability to plan & execute relevant marketing strategies
  • Service PM
    • Respond to client inquiries & monitor service status
    • Community management, insight analysis
    • Plan and perform service management tasks (management tools, the service process, etc.)
    • Create and execute service strategies and policies
    • Improve quality of service based on customer insight
  • Quality Assurance
    • Test in-game features to verify and enhance game quality
    • Verification of hardware / software requirements
    • Analyze the inner workings of a game to ensure in-game balance and smooth operation.
Incentive System
RisingWings utilizes an incentive
system based on sales along with
sponsoring overseas workshops
related to performance.
Lunch & Dinner Provided
Don't skip meals! RisingWings
provides both lunch and dinner
with choices suitable to everyone's
Free Snacks
A wide variety of healthy
snacks and beverages are
available in limitless supply and
provided free of charge.
Loyalty Benefits
Every 3 years an additional two-week
vacation is provided and every 5 years a
special vacation along with a gift card are
given as appreciation for long-term
Yearly Checkup
Your health always takes priority!
Every year, RisingWings makes sure
you receive a medical checkup
of the highest standard.
Medical Coverage
RisingWings provides group medical
insurance to all of its employees with
dental and doctor visits also covered.
Holiday Gifts
RisingWings sees to it that
everyone receives a gift card
and other various gifts during
certain holidays like Chuseok
and the Lunar New Year.
Birthdays & Life-events Bonus
RisingWings provides its employees with
a gift card as well as extra time off for
birthdays and major life events.
In-house Café
RisingWings operates its own
on-site café for the exclusive
use of its employees.
With over 70 items on the menu,
including desserts, it's a staff favorite.
Resort Perk
RisingWings accommodates staff
with an affiliated resort or condo
during special time off from work.
Housing Loans
To help its employees secure a
stable place of residence,
RisingWings offers a housing
loan program as well as a
subsidized interest plan.
Employee Facilities
RisingWings employees enjoy a variety of
facilities including several private
mini lounges, a library,
and even a shower room.
Growth & Education
RisingWings staff enjoy an
environment where they engage
in new kinds of work,
gain hands-on experience,
and benefit from a variety of
educational opportunities.
Vision Making Day
During this time, staff discuss the
direction in which they are going
as well as participate in a game
related hackathon event.
Staff Workshops
Expenses related to workshops
promoting harmony and
solidarity among the staff are
Staff Dinners
With the aim of solidifying workplace
friendships and heightening the spirit
among the staff, expenses related to staff
dinners are covered.
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