Global Beta Testing for 'Defense Derby' to Begin on the 15th

With its added auction-like system for PvP mode, beta testing for the new and innovative defense-strategy game is set to take place from August 15th to the 30th in the Google Play Store.


RisingWings Inc. (CEO Jung Hoon Kim, hereafter referred to as RisingWings) has publicly announced their schedule for the global beta testing of their real-time defense-strategy game, 'Defense Derby.'

'Defense Derby' is a fun defense-strategy game which adds an exciting real-time auction-like component to the tower defense genre. After each round, the four participating players in the game vie to obtain a certain card through an auction-style system. Once a player successfully acquires a card, it is then added to that player's deck. The four players must use these cards to defend their castle from waves of attacking monsters until there is only one player left standing. Powerful effects can be drawn out from these cards depending on their particular race, their special characteristics, where they are placed, and so on. In this way, players can get a lot of enjoyment out of the strategic gameplay this game offers by trying out various card combinations.

Beta testing allows the developers to reflect on the opinions of the players ahead of the official release of Defense Derby. This in turn, enables developers to present players with a much more refined and complete version of the game. Beta testing for Defense Derby will start on August 15th and last all the way to the 30th. Those wishing to participate can do so by downloading the game from the Google Play Store.

The vice president of RisingWings, Mun Cheol Kang, spoke about the game and the upcoming beta testing, "Defense Derby, from its strategic card arrangements used to generate various effects to the addition of its competitive auction system, presents players with a higher level of immersion and excitement." He went on to say, "I am looking forward to there being a great deal participation as well as enthusiasm for the game's global beta testing ahead of its final release."



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