Castle Burn
Welcome to Castle Burn, the mobile fantasy RTS game with competitive PvP battles!
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Fire Pillars, Cannon Towers, Vikings, Dragons, use whatever you want to fight alongside great Heroes to burn down your enemy's castle!
An authentic RTS so simple you won't believe it!

Build Camps and Mana Sanctuaries to secure your territory and resources.
Carefully choose between upgrading your castle and adding cards to your deck.
Enjoy a feast of strategies and tactics lasting no more than 6 mins!

My own in-battle customizable deck!

Choose card combinations to defeat your opponents.
Tactics that become increasingly deeper Come up with a strategy to crush the enemy!

Unique Heroes wait for you in the Castle!

Heroes will grow with the Castle
Turn the tide of battle using each Hero's distinct skills.

Various elements to add fun to the battle!

The fog on the battlefield hides both you and your opponent!
Return wounded allies to the Castle and recover some mana.
Explore enemy territory to uncover your opponent's strategies!
Learn strategies from other users by watching match replays.

Seasonal ranking system!

Win Ranked Matches and advance to higher Leagues.
New cards and maps unlocked in every League.
Get rewards based on your score at the end of the season.

Various rewards will ignite your fighting spirit!

Quests to keep battles diverse
Open Victory Card Packs to receive cards and gold.
Strengthen your cards to become more powerful.